Vicky Robinson

In this feature, we explore the career of Vicky Robinson, who has been with px Group for almost 20 years, having worked her way up to Head of Finance. In reality she does so much more, and you’ll see from her story that her career path and her job role are far from the norm.

Outdoors to Office

Vicky joined px Group upon its formation in 2002 and has been with us ever since. You may be forgiven for thinking, that for someone who is now Head of Finance, her career path has been straightforward.

In reality, that’s far from the case.

Having left school at the age of 16, Vicky joined the RSPCA on a YTS apprenticeship to fulfil her dream of working with animals. While her passion for animals still burns, she realised that it wasn’t the career for her.

Vicky is the first to admit that, after a number of temp roles, she fell into a career at px Group. Her story of growth and leadership since 2002, however, is no accident.

Vicky’s Journey

Since starting out in a receptionist role at the Seal Sands gas plant in Middlesbrough, Vicky has consistently been recognised by her colleagues, and as a result moved to px Group HQ in Stockton and has worked her way through various finance ranks to become our Head of Finance, a position she took in early 2020.

Throughout her time, Vicky has seen and been responsible for plenty of changes to our company: new sites, new teams, and new people to name but a few. During all of the change, she has both volunteered and been asked to get involved in areas beyond those in her job description, including the management of Business Services and Facilities. Where px Group is concerned, there isn’t much Vicky hasn’t been involved in over the years.

Despite a heavy workload, Vicky still made time to consider her personal career goals and development, discussing options with colleagues and her line manager, Finance Director Lee Smail. She was soon approached by Lee with the opportunity to complete a Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship at Teesside University that would be fully supported by px Group, which supports the time away from the office that is required by the apprenticeship, and has allowed Vicky to invest herself in her studies.

Now, in her second year of the degree, Vicky and px Group are reaping the rewards. The degree modules so far have covered work based learning, personal effectiveness, sales and marketing, business finance, business operations, dynamics or organisational change and the management of change, all skills that are sure to help her succeed in supporting px Group in achieving its goals for the future.

Throughout her time at px Group, Vicky has managed to successfully leverage the institutional knowledge she accumulated over the years and remain flexible in order to adapt to the regular changes to px Group’s structure and strategies, which bring fresh challenges on a consistent basis. While things around her were at times in flux, Vicky kept a steadfast focus on the bigger picture. What remains the same is the continuously blossoming relationship between Vicky and the company: she has been a constant in px Group’s life, and px Group has been a constant in her’s.

Vicky says: “A position like Head of Finance seems pretty straightforward to most, with spreadsheets, group accounts and audits part of the routine. At px Group that’s different, the company has recognised my own passion for our people, and I’ve been given the flexibility to make an impact in other departments, as well as develop my own professional career. I think for some it’s easy to feel ‘stuck’ after being in one place for so long, but it doesn’t feel that way to me.”

“I’ve been encouraged to push myself, express my thoughts and given the flexibility to make changes and try new things. Had I not felt comfortable doing that, I’m not sure I’d have reached the position I’m in today.”

“Despite the transformations in px Group over the years, what hasn’t changed is the support and family-feel of the business which, can sometimes disappear when you’ve undergone rapid growth and take on national mission-critical projects.”

Lee Smail, Finance Director at px Group, says: “It’s no exaggeration to say that px Group couldn’t do without Vicky. She has been a constant in the company’s growth and her impact has been felt way beyond numbers and invoices.”

“We take enormous pride in being flexible and responsive with our clients, and that is exactly the same with our people – we invest in them. Leadership across the company has recognised her talents and she has been encouraged to dip her toes into several areas – not just our department.”

“Vicky represents the best of px Group – a people-focused, delivery-orientated, relationship-builder. I speak for everyone when I say I hope the relationship between Vicky and px Group continues to flourish.”

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