px Group began operating the Risavika Liquefaction Plant near Stavanger in 2021 and has plans to grow further within the Norwegian market. 

We see great opportunities within Energy Transition in Norway that match our competence, capabilities and strategy.

With our vast experience in the energy sector we see many opportunities to help companies and investors with a number of key areas including:

  • engineering
  • operations and maintenance services for
    • hydrogen
    • ammonia
    • SAF
    • Efuel
    • Plastics recycling
    • Other high hazardous and complex technology assets

Owning and operating Saltend Chemicals Park has given us inside experience of managing the complexities of an industrial park and bringing in new investment and we can use this experience to support similar industrial parks and ports to develop and attract the right companies to their sites. 

Meet Raymond

Raymond Smebye is our Business Development Director in Scandinavia.

Welcome to px Group Scandinavia!

As the Business Development Director for px Group in Scandinavia, I am dedicated to uncovering new opportunities for our company. My role revolves around matching our UK strengths with the potential we see in the Scandinavian market. I actively seek out investment prospects, forge valuable networks, gather crucial information, identify strategic partnerships, explore engineering companies for potential acquisitions, and scout for market opportunities and tenders.

px Group is a leading provider of engineering, operations, and maintenance services to high-risk and high-tech industries. We specialize in managing and maintaining both large and small facilities, ranging from our flagship industrial park, Saltend Chemicals Park, to gas terminals, biomass plants, subsea pipelines, unmanned platforms, combined heat and power plants, fuel/chemical terminals, and more. Additionally, we are involved in groundbreaking projects such as plastic recycling facilities that convert plastic waste into various types of liquid hydrocarbons, and bio methanol production from non-recyclable household waste. In many ventures, we serve as the owners engineer, liaising with EPCI providers, relevant energy companies, and the host industrial park.

Furthermore, I am actively seeking opportunities to develop industrial parks and ports. Our expertise in engineering, attracting the right clients, optimizing infrastructure, and making strategic investments allows us to contribute significantly to their growth. We are also open to acquiring industrial parks that exhibit untapped potential.

In terms of organic growth, we are particularly interested in collaborating with customers involved in the establishment of hydrogen, ammonia, plastic recycling, e-fuel, biofuel, SAF, LNG, carbon capture, or similar facilities. We are also keen to come in contact with companies involved in bulk materials processing and handling projects. Our team of engineers excels in concept development, feasibility studies, pre-FEED, FEED, detailed design, and EPCm, and boasts extensive experience in these areas. Additionally, we specialize in operations and maintenance management, enabling organizations to optimize the performance of their facilities, reducing risk for companies and investors while facilitating technology development and scalability.

Moreover, we are eager to offer energy as a service, providing innovative and tailored solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

If you are seeking a partner with a proven track record in the industry, unparalleled expertise, and a commitment to excellence, look no further than px Group Scandinavia. Get in touch with us today to explore the possibilities together.

Best regards,
Raymond Smebye
Business Development Director
px Group Scandinavia

  • Business Development Director dedicated to uncovering new opportunities
  • Specializing in engineering, operations, and maintenance services for high-risk and high-tech industries
  • Managing and maintaining various facilities, from industrial parks to gas terminals, biomass plants, and more
  • Involved in groundbreaking projects like plastic recycling and bio methanol production
  • Seeking opportunities to develop industrial parks and ports, open to acquisitions
  • Interested in collaborating on hydrogen, ammonia, plastic recycling, e-fuel, biofuel, SAF, LNG, carbon capture, and similar facilities
  • Expertise in concept development, feasibility studies, detailed design, and operations management
  • Offering energy as a service with tailored solutions

Partner with px Group Scandinavia for:

  • Proven track record in the industry
  • Unparalleled expertise
  • Commitment to excellence


Contact us today to explore the possibilities together.

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