Our future

At px Group, we’re firmly focused on tomorrow – and primed for growth. Armed with a collaborative nature and an ability to turn potential into reality, ours is a perspective not limited by barriers – or borders.

Looking beyond the horizon

Looking ahead to expand our impact, our sights are set beyond the UK’s shores to operations in Europe and the Americas. With experience in areas from CCS, ammonia energy storage and liquid CO2 storage, to low-carbon chemicals, hydrogen development, waste-to-fuels and biomass CHP, we’re ideally placed to bring clients across the globe the benefits of the latest knowledge and best practice.

Innovation at the forefront

Driven by the urgency to meet UN and other climate targets, renewable energy expertise is developing fast. To maintain momentum, not just insights, we need each new learning to be shared and built on. In ‘forefront’ projects, complementary organisations – like px Group – learn and work together, each bringing their own specialist knowledge and expertise to the table.
We believe that working this way in the future, and collaborating across boundaries, will give us a real edge, particularly when it comes to the global challenge of decarbonising heavy industry.

The hydrogen future

Tomorrow’s fast-evolving hydrogen economy is today’s opportunity – and we are invested in it. Our experience with hydrogen facilities runs from cooling towers to large-scale blue hydrogen plants and includes handling hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, flammable gases and liquids, and LPG. Our expertise with ammonia facilities ranges from pipelines to chemical assets. Our acquisition of hydrogen engineering specialists LIFTE H2 in Germany has further enhanced our capability in this increasingly important sector.

People first, people foremost

While our work may be complex, our purpose isn’t. Whether we own a site, operate it on behalf of a client, or provide expertise, our prime responsibility is to the people we impact. The people who rely on the energy we deliver. The people who work at the sites we operate. The people in the local communities that we touch. And ultimately, every person with whom we share this planet.