Beckton CHiP

When the Beckton Combined Heat and Intelligent Power Plant (CHiP) was under construction in 2013, px Group was awarded a long term contract to operate and maintain the Beckton CHIP site on behalf of owners Beckton Energy Limited (BEL). We also provided technical assistance in plant design, support during factory and site acceptance testing, and HAZOP and functional safety system development and compliance.

Our full-time O&M team developed the site’s operating procedures and risk assessments, and undertook safety and equipment training to enable the safe and efficient operation of the plant.


  • The Beckton CHiP plant is a bioliquid fuelled power station, capable of producing 130GWh of renewable electricity a year
  • The plant uses bioliquid fuels classified as renewable and sustainable such as tallow, used cooking oil, soya oil and rapeseed oil to power a marine diesel engine
  • The Beckton CHiP plant is designed to have world-leading electrical efficiency of more than 55%, and export up to 17MW of electricity
  • Renewable waste heat from the plant is used in the adjacent gas pressure reduction station, enabling it to reduce the use of its gas heaters and let down the gas pressure for distribution.