Why be an
apprentice at px?

At px, we’re all about growing and evolving.

Apprenticeships are not just something we do—they’re part of who we are and in fact many of our most successful senior leaders started their careers as apprentices.

The benefits

Tailored talent development

  • We’re on the lookout for unique talents like you to join our journey.
  • Our apprenticeships are crafted to align your skills and our company’s goals.
  • It’s an opportunity for you to learn, grow, and develop while helping us stay ahead of the game.

Cultivating a culture of Innovation

  • Creativity and innovation? That’s what we’re looking for.
  • With experienced mentors by your side, your thoughts and ideas can turn into the next big thing. Ideas flow, things get creative, and we keep pushing boundaries.

Boosting Team Spirit and Loyalty

  • We’re not just building a team; we’re creating a family where you feel right at home.
  • Our apprentices get more than just training—you get a community that values your voice and contribution.
  • Apprenticeships enhance that feeling because well-trained and supported people stick around. It’s a win-win—you feel valued, and we get a team that’s all in.
  • So, at px, apprenticeships aren’t just a means to an end—they’re integral to our identity and our vision for the future!

Every year in September, we roll out the red carpet for our new apprentices. We take on apprentices right across our business in technical roles and Head Office functions with development programs tailored just for you! Keep an eye out between February - April for open spots! Ready to jump in?

We can’t wait to meet you!

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