chemoxy plant 4.1

A multi purpose asset for combined reaction and distillation operations, supporting contract manufacturing services and the manufacture of Chemoxy's own chemical products.

px worked with Chemoxy International Limited on the design and construction of its new multipurpose asset, a combined reaction and distillation facility in Teesside.

at a glance:

  • Design and construction of a new plant
  • £6m combined reaction and distillation facility
  • £1.5m Regional Growth Fund grant
  • Detailed design and CDM coordination including complete 3D modelling
  • Project management, client interface and relationship

client: Chemoxy International Limited

location: Teesside, England


px engineering services team worked with our client, Chemoxy International Limited,  during the design and construction of its new £6m Plant 4.1, which was supported by a £1.5m Regional Growth Fund grant.

Plant 4.1 is a multi purpose asset for combined reaction and distillation operations. The plant supports contract manufacturing services offered to Chemoxy’s clients, as well as enhancing the manufacture of Chemoxy’s own chemical products.

It consists of a number of feed and product tanks, reactor vessel, disillation column, condenser, reflux drum, various pumps and a new control system.

We were responsible for project management and the detailed design and CDM coordination of the plant.

The design deliverables included all piping, electrical instrumentation, civil and structural disciplines, along with a complete 3D model of the facility.

We were also responsible for all the new plant’s utilities, which included a cooling water supply and return, instrument air, nitrogen, towns water and electricity.

Successful project delivery required our team to fully understand and comply with Chemoxy International Limited’s requirements and procedures, as well as interfacing with their personnel.

what our client says:

“px has proved to be an excellent project partner for the project management and design of plant 4.1. Their professional approach and competence have ensured that Chemoxy has been left with a first class facility that will enable us to add real value to our business.”

Martyn Bainbridge

Chief Operating Officer