giving something back during a time of crisis.

9th September 2020

In the midst of the COVID19 pandemic px Group continued to operate as normal and in doing so achieved a significant milestone at Teesside Gas Processing Plant – 6 years with no lost time incidents. In recognition of this we wanted to give something back to the local community and Alice House Hospice, Hartlepool was our charity of choice.
The gift of £5,000 which was jointly donated by px Group and NSMP has paid for new bedding and curtains for bedrooms and also funded a number of new tables and benches for the Hospice gardens, where patients and their visitors can relax in a pleasant outdoor space.
px Group approached Alice House during lockdown to discuss ways in which we could help and we were keen to fund resources that would directly help patients.

Greg Hildreth, Deputy Fundraising Manager at Alice House said

“it was great to be approached and this support has been of huge benefit to the comfort and wellbeing of patients and their families.
As for most people, it has been a really challenging year at Alice House and with ongoing uncertainty around our income, this kind of help is more valuable than ever.
The patient bedrooms have also recently been redecorated by Hospice staff who volunteered their time, meaning that these areas now look really fresh and new.”

Mike Horgan, Managing Director, Oil & Gas Onshore at px Group said

“We are delighted to be able to take this opportunity to support a local charity which makes such a difference to people and families. Our team at TGPP has delivered outstanding continued safety performance and it is an honour to be able to support Alice House in recognition of this.”

Andy Heppel, CEO of NSMP added

“In recognition of achieving 6 years without LTI (Lost Time Incidents) at Teesside Gas Processing Plant we are delighted to donate to Alice House Hospice, supporting and caring for families in our local community.”

If your business would like to find out more about working with Alice House, you can contact Greg on or visit